Zimbabwe’s cholera death toll reaches 32

Zimbabwe’s cholera has so far killed at least 32 people in a space of two weeks.

Like most disease outbreaks, the authorities have banned public meetings while the police have removed streets vendors and food stalls due to hygiene concerns.

“We have dismantled boreholes and dangerous wells and we have increased our water supply to cope with the epidemic,” Mayor of Harare Hebert Gomba said.

When her husband Wonder woke up a week ago for his morning prayers, Emma Zhakata did not imagine it would be the last. He died a few hours later from Cholera, a disease that has affected many Zimbabweans.

Emma Zhakata is convinced that cholera will continue to claim more lives after her husband, because the measures to eliminate cholera are insufficient.

“The officials said they were doing everything they could to make sure there is no more cholera, but we have not seen any improvement yet, we were told there are no drugs, “ widow, Emma Zhakata said.

More than 7,000 cases have been recorded since the cholera epidemic broke out. For many residents in Harare, the situation has gotten out of hands.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has appealed for individual donations to help fund the millions of dollars needed to stem the epidemic. – AFP

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