Tourist ‘lucky to be alive’ after second elephant attack in Zimbabwe

There’s been another attack by an elephant on a tourist in Zimbabwe, this time in the resort town of Victoria Falls, a wildlife official has said.

The unnamed German tourist was seriously injured by the elephant on Saturday afternoon, and is “lucky to be alive,” said state parks and wildlife management authority spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo.

“The suspicion is the tourist got close, which made the elephant uncomfortable,” Farawo said.

“People need to know that this is the breeding season, and most of the elephants have calves around them so they tend to protect them,” he added.

He urged tourists not to be “daring” around wild animals by feeding them or trying to get too close.

The attack was the second one in less than a week.

On September 24, another German tourist visiting Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe was trampled and fatally injured by an elephant while trying to photograph its herd.

The 49-year-old tourist died while being evacuated from the park.

Local press reports say that a curio vendor helped to rescue the Victoria Falls tourist armed with nothing but a catapult.

“I took a catapult and a stone that I always carry in my sling bag for protection and hit a female elephant that was standing close to the victim,” vendor Anele Mpofu told the private Standard newspaper.

“I hit it hard on the ear and a herd of about 12 elephants with three calves moved away,” he said.

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