Michael Jackson is world’s top-earning dead celebrity

Michael Jackson has been revealed as the top earning dead celebrity, earning an astonishing £75million this year.
In his more than three decade solo career, the King of Pop made an impressive £719million. But it seems he has proved even more lucrative since his death, making a further £653million since 2009.
His latest annual income has seen him top a list of the highest earning dead celebrities, complied by financial magazine Forbes.

The impressive sum comes from two Cirque du Soleil shows, his own music and publishing revenues, and his half of the Sony/ATV publishing catalogue.
In second place is Elvis Presley, who has made £36million, Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz comes in third with £26million, while fourth place, with £14million, goes to Bob Marley. Elizabeth Taylor rounds off the top five with £13million.

Jackson has earned upwards of £65million every year since his death in 2009, meaning he was out-earned not only every other dead celebrity, but also every living solo musician.
When the singer died, he was £392million in debt due to chronic over-spending and large interest payments on loans.
These financial burdens were taken on by his family who have traded on his reputation and back-catalogue to claw themselves out of debt and back into the black. – The Daily Mail


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