Should South Africa be grateful for Cyril Ramaphosa?

Most reasonable people would regard the steady decline of South Africa, from being the premier economic and industrial power house of Africa, as one of the greatest self-inflicted catastrophes in recent human history.

The ANC was entrusted by the hopeful majority to grow and build upon the best, most developed and secure platform on the African continent. We all now know the exact opposite happened.

Instead of emulating South Korea where a few of their past presidents have been jailed for corruption and whose economy successfully rose to the 11th largest in the world from the ashes of a devastating civil war and from the ravages of harsh Japanese colonial impoverishment, we have instead followed countries like Nigeria.

The empowered ANC kleptocracy has fed off the economic carcass of South Africa like a bunch of greedy rabid hyenas. As a result our economy is broken and in need of urgent fixing. The only way to help reverse the high unemployment rate is to ensure investor confidence so that millions of new jobs can be created.

Of course this not only applies to the big international corporates but also to the small indigenous businessmen as well. However, herein lies the rub; small business wants to see tough action taken on the corrupt and thieving entitlement cretins that have devastated our economy.

Charming, but empty political speeches, paying of lip service to anti-graft projects and the lacklustre prosecution of those accused, will not work.

Small business people want to see the guilty locked up and doing time and not the continued political protection of the ruling party officials that have caused our economic failure.

Fact-finding commissions like Nugent and Zondo don’t amount to much if the political will to enforce the rule of law among the politically-connected is lacking.

Until such time that those on the level of allegedly dishonest self-enriching people like Jacob Zuma and cronies are prosecuted, the general perception that the ANC is not only soft on corruption, but actually encourages it, will not change.

You can fool the big corporates who can invest anywhere in the world but the small, sceptical, local businessman who actually has the potential to employ more people, will need to be properly convinced.

We do however recognise the fact that you are hamstrung.

You are surrounded and suffocated by the corrupt and greedy. We know why you need to keep some very compromised and corrupt elements in your cabinet and in the NEC. It’s called unity. You are afraid of the fact that should the ANC be divided, it will be weakened and potentially lose in the next election.

Well, the opposite is also true.

The selfish and defiant retention of the corrupt Zuma faction’ cronies who are deeply embedded in government structures, having made themselves nice and comfortable in order to continue their looting and corruption, will also weaken the ANC at the polls.

The ANC needs to resign en masse or face the humiliation of being dumped on their proverbial behinds, come election time. It is now time for people to start imagining life without the ANC.

The end of the “bad times” era is now. We want the “good times”. Coalition government is the future. – News24

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