Zifa electoral chairperson Vuma under attack

By Wellington Toni

ZIFA electoral committee chairperson Vusi Vuma, a lawyer, has
come under attack from the Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters
Association (ZNSSA) for the way he handled the vetting process for the
Zifa Board elections where aspiring candidates were disqualified.
The elections are supposed to be held on December 1, but could turn
into a farce as aggrieved prospective candidates are planning a
meeting with the Minister of Sports Kirsty Coventry and Fifa officials
to highlight violation of the Electoral Code.
Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa and his deputy Omega Sibanda have
retained their respective offices after their challengers were
Chiyangwa was being challenged by Felton Kamambo, but the ex-Zifa
board member is said to have failed the intergiry test, while Sibanda’s
challenger, ex-Bulawayo deputy mayor and businessman Gift Banda also
suffered the same fate.
But the ZNSSA have come out guns blazing, threatening to expose Vuma
and his committee.
“I do not have a problem with my friends at Zifa as we all know that
power is contagious, but I have a problem with my learned lawyers who
have waited all this long to show us how unethical they are,” charged
ZNSSA secretary general Eddie Chivero (pictured).
He alleged corruption was brazen in the conduct of the vetting process.
“Even a lawyer who went to night school would not have gone into bed
with such corruption. I would also like to believe that not all of
them supported this embarrassing outcome. But it was just a few hungry
ones who do not know the meaning of being trusted with such jobs.
For all those lawyers who were not part of this scandal, this is the
time for them to resign or apologise to the nation as we are giving
them only three days before we expose them. Three days ends on Monday.
It’s their reputation at stake here,” he said.
He further threatened to report the lawyer’s unethical behaviour to the
Law Society of Zimbabwe. “As a soccer loving person I would like to
notify the Law Society of Zimbabwe to investigate this scandal.”
Chiyangwa’s confidante Chamu Chiwanza, who has no history of football
administration, passed the so-called intergrity test and will go into
the polls with Philemon Machana, Bryton Malandule, Stanley Chapeta,
Sugar Chagonda and Barry Manandi.

Successful candidates list issued by Vuma
President: Dr Chiyangwa Phillip
Vice president: Sibanda Omega
Executive committee members: Chagonda Sugar, Chapeta Stanley,
Chiwanza Rodrick Chamunorwa Amos, Machana Phillemon Malandule Bryton
Briton, Manandi Barrymore

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